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You fell in love with our images but need help creating a nice layout on your wall?

Let us give you a few tips to perfectly styled walls!

Because we know it is not easy to select your images and create a beautiful layout on your walls, we have detailed and illustrated 3 of our favorite ways to play with them. Let's start!


We love this very simple layout for a modern and elegant look. In this example, we used 3 of our large posters, 50x70cm, framed with our skinny black metal frame. 3 is a well balanced number, perfect for a simple horizontal alignement. All our images are created to work beautifully together in terms of colours, so you can concentrate on selecting the ones that tell your story of Dubai. For this bathroom, we wanted to bring organic elements, like water, sand and greenery.


We get it, just like us, you can't decide which ones to pick! And your walls can't accomodate so many... Then why not choose a smaller size to display a larger selection?

In this example, we selected 6 images of our poster collection, on a medium size, 40x50 cm. For colored walls, we absolutely love using our white painted wood frame for a very neat contrast. Don't have so much space? Our smallest size of posters, 30x40 cm, will also be perfect for this same composition!

One very important tip that works for all layouts is to distance your frames with a 20 cm or less gap. It always creates a better statement when your images are gathered together rather than split on the width of your wall.


Looking for a more artistic and less symmetrical look? Have a try at the gallery wall. It surely requires a little more thinking, as the goal is to fill the space harmoniously with different sizes of frames.

In our example, we used a selection of our signed and numbered art prints in different sizes, framed with our skinny black metal frame. Keep in mind our maximum 20 cm gap rule! A good way to prepare your gallery wall is to place your frames on the floor and play around with them. The dimensions of your wall can be outlined with masking tape. Another technique is to cut the shape of your frames out of brown paper and stick them to your wall. This should give you a clear vision of your composition, easy to rearrange before hammering holes into the wall!

Want to bring more personality to your gallery wall? Mix your Tales of Dubai images with other wall decor objects, like small mirrors, macrame wall hangings, decorative plates, typography... Have your own collection of everything that brings you joy!


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