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Poster or Art Print?

We get it! It's confusing. Let us help you!

When creating our brand, we always wanted to offer two concepts: posters and limited art prints. Over a year and a few collections later, we are proud to have 26 posters 19 art prints in our repertoire. We get that it might be confusing to tell all our images apart but here's how:


Our single posters come in 3 standard sizes, are printed on high-end luster photo paper, carry a title in English and Arabic and our brand- and artist's name. They can all be mixed to create your own perfect combination.


Our limited art prints are produced in two sizes on archival matte art paper, placed on a white acid-free mount which is numbered (out of 50) and signed by the artist, either Celine or Akemi. For those who love a horizontal layout, there are some landscape images waiting for you.

All our posters and art prints are edited with the same care and tones to let you mix and match your own perfect combination. And if you can't decide on single images, we have beautiful triptychs and collages to chose from. More on those in our next post....


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